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    Keep track of it
    Providing services without knowing the actual needs and expectations of customers will only be realized if there is no competitor in the market. If competitors are present, the lack of awareness of the audience will reduce market share.
    In the worst case, the lack of attention to this matter makes gradual removal unavoidable.

    Measurement and continuous monitoring of needs and customer satisfaction measure will improve the quality of service in the medium and long term. The result of this action is nothing but the increasing success of the organization.
    The high cost of polling makes the service providers unaware of feedback from customers, and planning organizations generally does not take into account this factor.

    Basically, training courses and the implementation of various projects such as GAP and distinct branches in banks and other financial and credit institutions require continuous follow up, before the start of the program, during implementation and after doing so, and eliminating existing deficiencies, and this The company is ready to support the services provided.


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    Eliminating deficiencies and deficiencies of branches of banks and other financial and credit institutions regarding security issues and improving the level of security of branches


    Training to employees of the company, contact centers, hospitals, service offices, banks and other financial and credit institutions

    Keep track of it

    Readiness to support the service to resolve deficiencies in existing projects during and after implementation.

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    • بانک کشاورزی||||3||||مشتریان
    • بانک صادرات||||4||||مشتریان
    • بانک مسکن||||5||||مشتریان
    • بانک خاورمیانه||||6||||مشتریان
    • بانک آینده||||12||||مشتریان
    • بانک توسعه صادرات||||13||||مشتریان
    • بانک قوامین||||14||||مشتریان
    • بانک شهر||||15||||مشتریان
    • پست بانک||||16||||مشتریان
    • سازمان بازنشستگی شهرداری تهران||||17||||مشتریان
    • رستوران‏های زنجیره‏ای بوف||||18||||مشتریان
    • شرکت کارت اعتباری ایران کیش||||19||||مشتریان
    • شرکت خدمات انفورماتیک||||11||||مشتریان
    • بیمارستان فوق تخصصی چشم پزشکی نور||||20||||مشتریان
    • سامسونگ||||25||||مشتریان
    • شرکت هوآوی||||26||||مشتریان
    • شرکت ایران ارقام||||40||||مشتریان
    • بیمارستان نفت||||41||||مشتریان
    • شرکت فن آوا کارت||||42||||مشتریان
    • شرکت پرداخت الکترونیک سداد||||86||||مشتریان

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